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Dear Personal Growth Enthusiast,

If you are looking for powerful tools and techniques to accelerate your personal power and create a happier life, then you have come to the right place. If you are tired of struggling with your own athletic performance or creating positive lifestyle changes, then you will want to listen to what I'm about to share.

You see, one of the most serious mistakes people can make when they are dealing with others is to assume everyone else has the same level of understanding and life experiences. Of course, both common sense and a powerful science called NLP tell us that every person has their own unique life experiences and personal philosophies.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, is the study of how people take their life experiences — both real and imagined — and internalize them to power their personal philosophies and social interactions with others.

These life experiences are usually positive or negative and can help shape how someone views everything else around them. For example, if someone has tried to quit smoking and failed more than once, then they may have become so discouraged that they don't want to try quitting again.

Imagine how easy it could be do something like quitting smoking if you knew the right technique to easily transform from a negative viewpoint into a positive one?

Well, two researchers have discovered exactly how to do this...

How To Unlock The Mental Gates That
Are Holding Back Success In Your Life...

In the 1970's, Dr Richard Bandler (a Gestalt therapist) and John Grinder (a professional linguist) joined forces to develop a series of life-transforming techniques. These two gifted researchers studied the most successful therapists and their research led them to develop a set of strategies which became known as NLP.

Bandler and Grinder developed a series of techniques that focused on producing results quickly. Best of all, the techniques focused on creating positive changes without doing a lengthy or painful dig into the patient's past.

Neurolinguistic Programming is focused on quickly attaining a desired outcome. You can use NLP for many purposes such as:

  • Stop Cigarette Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Resolve Internal Conflict
  • Improve Athletic or Professional Performance
  • Create A Positive Self-Image
  • Eliminate Mental Roadblocks Like Procrastination

Every day you are exposed to countless different messages that influence and program your mind. You are pummeled with messages on the television, in newspapers, on the radio, in movies, in the books or magazines you read.

You are exposed to other people's programming when you listen to a coworker complain about their home life. Or when your best friend complains about how they hate their job. Let's face it: we are surrounded by messages and other people's programming practically everywhere we go!

Worse, this constant barrage of external "noise" prevents your mind from thinking productively — a critical factor for continuing your own mental growth.

The truth is, absorbing these external "messages" can be even worse than replacing your productive time... the external junk becomes part of your mental programming! Believe it or not, they actually become part of your internal thinking.

It's no different than if you had created the messages yourself or used NLP to place them there. Before long, this barrage of external junk creates internal messages that are negative or even destructive!

If You Are Ready To Throw Out Some Mental Junk,
Then You Are Ready To Start Learning About NLP!

Here's the good news: While most people will think of using NLP to create a new positive habit or strengthen an existing skill (like self-esteem), it's not the only way you can use NLP. You can tap into the power of NLP to reduce or even wipe out a negative habit.

For decades, people have turned to NLP to wipe out negative habits like cigarette smoking or negative self-talk. Best of all, they have enjoyed tremendous success with tossing their mental junk out and replacing it with positive healthy substance.

Okay, so you may be ready to start learning more about NLP. The problem is... where do you start?

Do you want to spend countless hours plowing through countless books, courses, and training tapes just to learn NLP? It can be overwhelming — where do you find the time to go through all of them?

You see, I was once faced with the same dilemma... and I went out and found the virtual mother lode on NLP!


"The NLP Toolbox": Over 97 of the Best
NLP Tools Proven To Produce Results FAST!

Imagine having your own powerful collection of NLP Tools that are specially crafted for resolving and improving any area of your life.

Every tool is explained in an easy to understand, step-by-step style in one book — that you can download instantly and start reading right away. Many of these mind-blowing techniques are unique and you won't find them anywhere else! "The NLP Toolbox", written by Colin Smith, contains the very best tips, tools, and techniques to use the power of NLP in your own life.

The truth is, it doesn't matter what stage you are at in your life. NLP can help you achieve much more than you are currently experiencing. NLP can help you replace bad habits with healthy ones. It can even help you strengthen or create new qualities like positive self-esteem.

But don't just take my word on what you'll learn from "The NLP Toolbox".

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques you will learn...
How to gain Personal Power in any area of your life... (Page 32)
The secrets to increasing your Self-Worth, becoming more confident & attractive... (Page 40)
In 3 minutes (or less), an automatic 'Hey, you are AMAZING!' reminder that works throughout the day... It's easy when you use the Magical 'YOU' Card Trick found here... (Page 34)
How to turn off those negative voices in your head forever... Just use the Negative Voice Mute Switch on Page 72.
The powerful technique to finally get rid of lifetime phobias in less than 5 minutes... (Page 46)
How to get motivated to do any task... It's easy when you use "The Magic Iris Pattern"! (Page 30.)
The way to make life more fun... just use "The Automatic Giggle Installer" (Page 63)

Here's what a few delighted owners of "The NLP Toolbox" wrote to tell us:

"... a Treasure Trove of Techniques, In One Extremely User Friendly and Clear Format."

"The NLP Toolbox e-book is a wonderful resource for anybody interested in using NLP. It brings together a treasure trove of techniques, in one extremely user friendly and clear format. One is tempted to try them out as soon as possible, not only working with other people, but as self-help too. I do not believe there is any similar resource available either on the internet or in bookshops."

Rita Leaman


"... Packed Full of Strategies and Skills
That Will Bring Power (and Pleasure!)
Into Your Life."

“It took a few years of wondering aimlessly through the NLP jungle before I learned to do the things that really mattered and which invariably turned out to be the simplest methods all along. Colin has provided a solution to the problem I faced by taking the most effective methods from a variety of technologies such as NLP, Silva, Energy Work, Hypnosis etc, and compiling them into an handbook that integrates aspects of all these technologies and gives a step-by-step approach to some of the most effective patterns and techniques from these technologies. 

This ebook is packed full of strategies and skills that will bring power (and pleasure!) into your life. No jargon, no abstract theory, just simple to follow instructions that are easy to learn and practice. Learn one or two of the patterns each day, Go Out And Practice in the real world and you will Begin To Experience real effective and immediate change in your life.

Warren Smith
(Finance Officer, Leeds, UK)


"... Absolutely Invaluable For Me
In My Work as a Life Coach."

"This is Fantastic. For people like me, and I am sure there are others out there the same, who see or hear something that makes you think 'WOW that's great' or 'Cool, that will be really useful in the future' and then when the time comes that you really need it cannot remember where you found it, or placed it for safe keeping. I know this eBook will be absolutely invaluable for me in my work as a Life coach. When I am coaching and generally working with my clients I now know I can have all my resources and techniques to hand exactly when I need them. I have always said that in my work I have that proverbial 'Skill bag' with me and now the eBook will be exactly that. Cheers Colin for the work you have done to collate and produce my 'Toolkit'."

Steve Rhodes

The secret to mental success is to get the right type of thinking going on in your mind. You want the type of thinking that will power you to succeed at whatever you do. You want your mind to create a clear path to reaching your goals.

Some people will try to make this happen through saying affirmations. Others might try hypnosis. Some people won't try at all and will wonder why their life hasn't changed and they are still miserable.

The good news is, you can create the life you want. You can create a positive mindset, affirm the importance of your goals in your mind... even replace negative mental habits with confidence-boosting positive ones.

But there is only one system that can help you accomplish all three of these goals: NLP.

You can search for the right textbooks or courses to learn NLP... or you can simply read your own copy of "The NLP Toolbox".

Here are a few more secrets you'll discover in "The NLP Toolbox"...

A simple technique to get rid of headaches in less than 10 minutes... (Page 73)
Why installing a "Humourising Slider" can mean you can 'program' lots more fun into your life... (Page 64.)
How to gain powerful new insights for problem solving, creativity, and wisdom... just start using the tools in the “New Perspectives” chapter (Page 54)
Wipe out your limiting beliefs with "The Belief Dissolver"... (Page 83)
How to stop allergic reactions in 10 minutes or less... (Page 77)
A powerful technique to stop those negative nagging voices in your head... just use the famous “R.B. Mantra"... (Page 69)
Got a bad habit you want to stop? Destroy those unwanted compulsions with "The Compulsion Blowout"! (Page 74)
How to quickly combine two conflicting beliefs — you'll be shocked how easy it will be “all systems go”! (Page 82)
How to stop "'Psychic Vampires" from draining your precious energies... (Page 98)
Two super-quick techniques that will change your eating habits in less than 5 minutes... simply reprogram your mind and body to prefer healthier foods. (Page 74)
How you can recall memories faster... check out the techniques in the "Other Cool Tools" chapter! (Page 94)
Feeling unmotivated? Use this simple but powerful technique called "Instant Inspiration"... Perfect for artists, creative writers, musicians, and professional speakers; (Page 101)
The stress-busting tools you need to feel more relaxed and in control of your life... Just use them at the end of a stressful workday to recharge your own 'mental batteries'! (Page 88)
Have a spiritual guru, expert, or famous billionaire that you would like to discover and 'steal' their success secrets? Take a step towards 'borrowing' their beliefs with this powerful technique... (Page 87)

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The average NLP trainer will charge at least $300 to professionally train you in NLP techniques. You'll learn the same powerful techniques contained in our system for just $49. That's an absolute steal of a deal — and a price that won't stay this low forever!

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World class trainer and official apprentice of Dr. Richard Bandler (cofounder of NLP), Susanna Bellini presents a wonderfully powerful audio. This audio training will induce you into a pleasant altered state and subtly (but powerfully) train your mind for positive changes.

Special Bonus #3 - "Members Only" email Address for NLP Toolbox author, Colin Smith. (A $150 Value)

Got a question about NLP that the "NLP Toolbox" doesn't answer? Simply send Colin your question and he will personally answer your question. Colin wants you to succeed and he will help you achieve the successful results you desire.

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As more powerful NLP techniques are discovered and refined, we'll update "The NLP Toolbox". You can rest easy knowing that you will have access to the latest NLP Tools — Helping you master your life faster and easier!

Special Bonus #5 - "An Introduction To Hypnosis" by Steve G. Jones. (A $49.95 Value)

An excellent 2 hour audio book by a Clinical Hypnotherapist with 17+ years of professional experience. You'll get a very easy to understand introduction to the fundamentals of hypnosis.

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And if I'm wrong, then you can keep the the bonus reports as my way of thanking you for giving "The NLP Toolbox" a try!

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